WIO Educators Award

Nomination Deadline: October 2, 2023

The WIO Educators Award was created to recognize teachers who have consistently provided an exceptionally positive and rewarding experience to their medical students, residents and fellows, producing physicians who are expertly trained to deal with the challenges of their upcoming careers. Nominees can be anyone who is teaching medical students, residents or fellows (private practice, fellowship preceptors and residency teachers and fellows). Examples of actions of qualified nominees include superb teaching, significant amount of time devoted to education, standardized and regular feedback on resident performance, ensuring that those in need of extra teaching are identified and assisted in a supportive manner, providing research and conference opportunities.
Individual must be a WIO member if chosen for this award.

Individuals who are content within their teachers make better learners, teachers and service providers than those who are not. Because of this, encouragement and fostering of well-being is a significant component of what can make a teacher great. Examples of positive well-being features include fostering environments conducive to those with families, good interpersonal relationships, excellent mentors and role models within the program and relative ease in obtaining vacation time. Any teacher nominated should respect the contractual rights of residents and help ensure that they are met. Excellent teachers will also determine and respond to the various and changing needs of their residents. This could include distributing and responding to feedback forms from residents, assisting with career placements, and supervisors that can address the specific needs of residents, academic or otherwise. Nominations will be solicited from WIO members annually in March.



Pavlina S. Kemp, MD


Sandy Zhang-Nunes, MD


Fasika A. Woreta, MD, MPH


Sherleen Chen, MD,


Kara Cavuoto, MD


Carolyn Kloek, MD


Grace Sun, MD


Natalie Afshari, MD


Laura L. Wayman, MD