WIO Educators Award

Nominations Due Monday, October 5th, 2020 5 pm PST

The WIO Educators Award was created to recognize teachers who have consistently provided an exceptionally positive and rewarding experience to their medical students, residents and fellows, producing physicians who are expertly trained to deal with the challenges of their upcoming careers. Nominees can be anyone who is teaching medical students, residents or fellows (private practice, fellowship preceptors and residency teachers and fellows). Examples of actions of qualified nominees include superb teaching, significant amount of time devoted to education, standardized and regular feedback on resident performance, ensuring that those in need of extra teaching are identified and assisted in a supportive manner, providing research and conference opportunities.
Individual must be a WIO member if chosen for this award.

To recognize a Women in Ophthalmology member who has been educating individuals in the field of ophthalmology. Recipients of the WIO Educators Award must have ongoing or recently completed responsibilities in this field. This aspect of performance is valuable since individuals who are inspired by their teachers make better learners, teachers and service providers than those who do not. Any teacher nominated should respect the contractual rights of trainees and help ensure that they are met. Excellent teachers will also determine and respond to the various and changing needs of their trainees. This could include soliciting and responding to feedback from trainees, assisting with career placement, and addressing the specific needs of trainees, academic or otherwise.

Qualifications and Criteria
1. The nominee must be a WIO member who has demonstrated a pattern of educating individuals in Ophthalmology. Max 300 words

2. The nominee will have demonstrated a sustained career in education, a significant positive impact on the education of their trainees, which makes them better learners, teachers and service providers. Explain how this nominee exhibits these qualities.

3. The service must have been above and beyond the usual service commitment expected as part of the nominee’s job responsibilities.

4. Only one such award may be given to an individual during his or her lifetime.

Selection of Recipients
The Nomination Committee of the WIO (led by the Immediate past president) will consider nominations that meet the qualifications and criteria above and that are received by the deadline. The selection committee will verify references of the nominee, and if necessary gather additional information in making their determination.

Selection of the award recipient will be determined on the basis of factors including, but not limited to: service of least several years; personal sacrifice of the individual, recommendations of the nominating organization and/or individuals identified in the nomination form, or others whom the committee may consult. Only one recipient will be selected. This award may not be given yearly if the committee feels that there are not enough qualified nominees.

Nomination Procedures
Nominations are solicited from organizations or individuals.

Describe in detail the nature of the qualities that explains why this individual is a successful educator. How does this individual exemplify this important determinant above and beyond the expectations of their job or responsibilities?

Explain what this individual has done to guide, support and promote training and development. A letter of recommendation may be included with the nomination form.

Individuals who are content within their teachers make better learners, teachers and service providers than those who are not. Because of this, encouragement and fostering of well-being is a significant component of what can make a teacher great. Examples of positive well-being features include fostering environments conducive to those with families, good interpersonal relationships, excellent mentors and role models within the program and relative ease in obtaining vacation time. Any teacher nominated should respect the contractual rights of residents and help ensure that they are met. Excellent teachers will also determine and respond to the various and changing needs of their residents. This could include distributing and responding to feedback forms from residents, assisting with career placements, and supervisors that can address the specific needs of residents, academic or otherwise. Nominations will be solicited from WIO members annually in March.

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