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Message from the WIO President

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Linda Christmann - President | Women in OphthalmologyI want to tell you how much I am looking forward to seeing you in Williamsburg, VA, at the Kingsmill Resort for our annual meeting August 11-14! Sarwat Salim MD and the Summer Symposium Committee have created an outstanding program.

When you attend this meeting you will expand your ophthalmology knowledge, learn leadership skill, and network with many strong accomplished ophthalmologists.

Only have one day free? Look on the meetings page for a special offer for those who might only be able to come for only one day. We believe that the people who come to the meeting really understand what WIO is all about, and the value we are offering our members.

Why does WIO still exist after over 30 years?

I have heard from many young women in training that they don’t see why we need a women’s ophthalmologist organization. After all, when they look around, nearly half of the trainees are women.

But, look at the breakdown of women members of the AAO by age:

President Message July 2016 Graphic Women as Percent of AAO Members bar graph

So, you might ask, “Yes, but what does that have to do with me?” Everything. Who is doing the hiring? Who decides on promotions? Tenure? How to split overhead? Who gets time off? How about if we look at the graph another way.

President Message July 2016 Graphic Women as Percent of AAO Members line graph

The decision-makers are more likely in their 50’s (or older!), indicated by the red arrow. Now the odds are that only 1 in 4, or 1 in 5 of them are women. In the most respected academic positions, how old is the chair? In large group practices, how old is the President of the group? Are the decision-makers men or women?

I am not saying that men or women, or whites or non-whites, or _________ (insert religious group) are overtly biased, but it is a fact that unconscious bias is real. Don’t believe me? Try the test at Implicit Bias.

Or read a couple of these:

What is WIO doing about this?

  • We are teaching our members about leadership, negotiation, and public speaking.
  • We are partnering with you to practice the skills you need to advance.
  • We are sharing what worked (and didn’t) for us.
  • We will share what we did to balance our personal and professional lives.

Join us and be part of leadership in ophthalmology, and accomplish your goals!

Kind regards,

Linda M. Christmann, MD, MBA
President, Women in Ophthalmology

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