WIO Humanitarian Award

Nominations Due Monday, October 5th, 2020 5 pm PST

This award recognizes a Women in Ophthalmology member who has distinguished herself/ himself through outstanding humanitarian service in the US or Abroad. A Humanitarian endeavors to improve the human condition through improving lives and alleviating suffering while supporting and contributing to the basic human dignity of those in need. A humanitarian gives of themselves, provides services without expectations of remuneration, respects and embraces human diversity and improves the lives of those in need through selfless, courageous, creative and compassionate acts. Recipients of the WIO Humanitarian Award must be conducting ongoing or recently completed (within five years of nomination) humanitarian efforts. These efforts do not necessarily need to be linked to ophthalmology or women’s issues.

Qualifications and Criteria
1. The nominee must be a WIO member who has demonstrated a pattern of humanitarian service in the US or abroad over a period of several years.

2. The nominee will have demonstrated caring and service of an exemplary degree to patients or to the public in general in the US or abroad. Qualifying service might include, but is not limited to:

  • Free care/Service to low income or indigent population
  • Focused efforts to address health care disparities in their community or abroad
  • Care to individuals in lower socioeconomic areas or working with underprivileged individuals of diverse racial or ethnic backgrounds
  • Community-based programs which engage collaboration when working abroad
    Demonstrates integration of teaching with the host country or community’s needs

3. The service must have been above and beyond the usual service commitment or expectations of service that were part of the nominee’s routine commitments, and demonstrate a level of personal sacrifice on the part of the ophthalmologist.

4. The service must have been consonant with the principles of the Code of Ethics of the American Medical Association or American Academy of Ophthalmology

5. Only one such award may be given to an individual during his or her lifetime.

Selection of Recipients
The Nomination Committee of the WIO (led by the Immediate past president) will consider nominations that meet the qualifications and criteria above and that are received by the deadline. The selection committee will verify references of the nominee, and if necessary gather additional information in making their determination.

Selection of the award recipient will be determined by factors including, but not limited to: service of last three or more years; personal sacrifice of the individual, recommendations of the nominating organization and/or individuals identified in the nomination form, or others whom the committee may consult. Only one recipient will be selected if there are multiple nominations for this award that fulfill with the criteria. This award may not be given yearly if the committee feels that there are not enough qualified applicants.

Nomination Procedures
Nominations are solicited from organizations or individuals.

Describe in detail the nature of the public service in the US or abroad, the sustainability of service, the length and consistency of service, the scope of impact, and references who may be contacted. A maximum of two letters of recommendation may be included with the nomination form.

Submit Your Nomination for this Year!

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  • Include need for this service, consistency of service, length, consistency of the service and the scope of impact & estimate the number of people served.
  • What was their role in the initiative? (personal service/volunteerism, initiator/founder, educator of medical professionals, Educator of patients?
  • How did it entail personal sacrifice on the part of the Ophthalmologist?
  • What patient population and geographic area are the primary targets of the nominee’s efforts? Who are the patients that the individual nominated serves?
  • Describe the impact on this population due to the nominee’s efforts.
  • How does the individual embody the following values of the medical profession? (leadership, excellence, integrity and ethical behavior).
  • If so, list the award and dates received.
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  • References

    Provide two names and contact information to verify humanitarian service. Provide more references as needed.
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Swati J. Parekh, MD


Michelle Maeng, MD


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