WIO Clinical Trials Training Program


The Women in Ophthalmology Clinical Trials Training Program aims to increase the number of women ophthalmologists in research. The rationale behind this program is twofold:

  1. Diversity amongst clinical trial investigators fosters participation of diverse study patient populations.
  2. There is a paucity of female lead investigators in ophthalmology.

If, as a profession, we truly want to increase diversity in leadership, research is the ideal venue to move the needle. Clinical trial involvement creates an abundance of leadership opportunities with the ability to author scientific publications, present findings at major meetings, and participate in advisory boards.

As we have evaluated topics presented at our annual WIO Summer Symposium, we learned that many female ophthalmologists had an interest in being involved in clinical research but would like further education in understanding how to initiate a clinical trial, recruit patients, handle an audit, manage budget shortfalls, etc.


To clearly define educational gaps and provide meaningful educational content, we launched a Clinical Trials Program Survey to the WIO community. The results of this survey aided in structuring a comprehensive training and mentorship program for our members.

The companies listed below have committed to this one of a kind educational program to empower women ophthalmologists in clinical trials research. Please join us in thanking them for their efforts.

Dr. Lisa Nijm
WIO Chief Executive Officer
Director, WIO Clinical Trials Program


Our 2022 series information is below.  This one-of-a-kind comprehensive program takes you step-by-step through the process of successfully adding clinical trials to your practice.

The Great Resignation: The Current Clinical Research Challenges and Solutions (WEBINAR)

  • Moderator: Dr. Lejla Vajzovic
  • Wednesday, July 27th at 4:00pm PT / 7:00pm ET
  • FREE for WIO Members / $30 for Non-members

Learning Objectives

  • Understand the current staffing challenges and its effects on clinical research progress
  • Identify ways that sponsors can engage with their sites to overcome staffing challenges
  • Describe strategies that sites can implement to retain and attract qualified staff
  • Identify processes and technologies that can play a part in combatting these issues
  • Learn from case examples that illustrated current clinical trial site challenges and adaptations

Dr. Lejla Vajzovic
WIO Board of Directors
Director, WIO Clinical Trials Program

Personal Fit and Keys to Success (IN-PERSON)

  • Moderator: Dr. Lejla Vajzovic
  • Saturday, August 27th
  • WIO 2022 Summer Symposium Session & Reception (LIVE)

Learning Objectives

  • Understand the different types of clinical trials available and what might best suit your practice
  • Participate in multi-site vs single site trials
  • Prepare yourself to be a primary investigator
  • Best practices for recruiting patients
  • Prepare yourself for budget negotiations and hidden costs

Deep Dive into Investigator Initiated Trials (IITs): From an Idea to a Successful IIT (WEBINAR)

  • Moderator: Dr. Lejla Vajzovic
  • Tuesday, October 25th at 4:00pm PT / 7:00pm ET
  • FREE for WIO Members / $30 for Non-members

Learning Objectives

  • Describe how to design and implement an IIT
  • Formulate a proposal for an IIT
  • Prepare yourself for budget negotiations and hidden costs – academic and corporate perspective
  • Understand IIT contract
  • Understand IND application process
  • Prepare study details and study start
  • Learn from a IIT success story: from idea to publication

Diversity, EQUITY, and Inclusion Strategies in Clinical Trials (WEBINAR)

  • Moderator: Dr. Lejla Vajzovic
  • Wednesday, November 30th at 4:00pm PT / 7:00pm ET
  • FREE for WIO Members / $30 for Non-members

Learning Objectives

  • To discuss the current clinical trial environment and lack of ethnic diversity in clinical trials
  • To identify resources for researchers available to help with diversity, equity, and inclusion
  • To identify methods to build strong and diverse research teams and practices to facilitate diversity and inclusiveness in research