Benefits & Value of WIO Chapters

Chapters promote the Women in Ophthalmology mission at the local level and encourage active member participation by making activities more accessible. Members are encouraged to participate in areas of interest and concern to female ophthalmologists.

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Current Chapters

  • Women Ophthalmology Society of India
  • Iowa
  • Western Canada
  • Egypt
  • Ocular Oncology

    • Provide a local forum for the personal and professional development of WIO members
    • Provide an opportunity to develop leadership, managerial, public speaking and group decision-making skills
    • A structure to develop a pool of local, female ophthalmologic leaders to discuss new legislation, issues of importance and other common challenges
    • Affiliate with the national association for the purpose of advancing the WIO mission

  • Complete the chapter application form:

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Chapter Requirements and Regulations

  • Each chapter shall promote the spirit and goals of WIO.
  • Chapter names will consist of WIO and the name of the chapter city (ie: Women in Ophthalmology: Seattle Chapter). If the chapter has existed independently prior to becoming a chapter, Women in Ophthalmology: will be added to the beginning of the existing name.
  • All chapter members must be members of WIO.
  • Chapters shall not collect dues.
  • Chapters are required to hold at least one local event each year that does not compete with the WIO Summer Symposium held early August; nor should this event be held two weeks prior or two weeks after the Annual Meeting. Chapters may charge registration for their events with a member and non-member rate. WIO membership forms should be present for non-members who want to join WIO and the chapter.
  • Chapters must have an Executive Committee consisting at a minimum of a president, vice-president and secretary/treasurer.
  • Each chapter should inform the national association of its mailing address and primary email address.
  • Each chapter is required to complete an electronic annual report and provide a chapter member roster at year-end.
  • Each chapter shall be separately incorporated and hold its own nonprofit.

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