Humanitarian Award Nomination Form

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    Thank you for taking the time to submit a nomination of a woman who is deserving of a WIO award.

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  • Description of Service

  • Include need for this service, consistency of service, length, consistency of the service and the scope of impact & estimate the number of people served.
  • What was their role in the initiative? (personal service/volunteerism, initiator/founder, educator of medical professionals, Educator of patients?
  • How did it entail personal sacrifice on the part of the Ophthalmologist?
  • What patient population and geographic area are the primary targets of the nominee’s efforts? Who are the patients that the individual nominated serves?
  • Describe the impact on this population due to the nominee’s efforts.
  • How does the individual embody the following values of the medical profession? (leadership, excellence, integrity and ethical behavior).
  • If so, list the award and dates received.
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  • References

    Provide two names and contact information to verify humanitarian service. Provide more references as needed.
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