Lylas G. Mogk


Grosse Pointe, MI
Center for Vision Rehabilitation and Research, Henry Ford Health System
Current Job
Director, Center for Vision Rehabilitation and Research, Grosse Pointe and Livonia, MI
BA Vassar College, 1961; MS Indiana University, 1962; MD Wayne State University, 1981
Areas of Expertise
Low Vision Rehabilitation
Willing to Travel Outside of the U.S.
Type of Research
Research Expertise

Low vision and vision rehabilitation; patterns of vision loss from different causes and their functional and psychosocial implications; depression and vision loss; Charles Bonnet Syndrome; vision, aging and driving; structuring a vision rehabilitation program; environmental adaptations to maximize accessibility for seniors and the visually impaired; reimbursement for vision rehabilitation

Titles of Previous Presentations

1. Visual Impairment: The Eye MD's Dilemma, MI Soc of Eye Physicians & Surgeons, 2012 2. Rehabilitation Strategies for the Implantable Miniature Telescope, AAO, 2011 3.Vision Rehabilitation in the USA Today, International Symposium, Rome, 2010 4. Vision, Aging and Driving, AAO, 2010 5.Losing Vision in the 21st Century, Distinguished Seminar Series, Medical College of Georgia, 2010 6. The Impact of Wet vs Dry Macular Degeneration, AAO, 2009 7. Vision Loss in Retinal Disease and Glaucoma, AAO, 2009 8. The Particular Needs of Seniors with Visual Impairments, Assoc. for the Education & Rehabilitation of the Blind and Visually Impaired, Chicago, 2008 9. What You See is What You Eat: Nutrition and Macular Degeneration, Envision Conference, Kansas City, 2007 10. The Ophthalmologist and the Epidemic of Vision Loss, Canadian Ophthalmological Society, Toronto, 2006